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A substance use disorder can affect every aspect of your life, harming your relationships, career, and health.

However, treating addiction is effective, with 85% to 95% of those who successfully complete a program maintaining sobriety for nine months after leaving treatment.¹

At Tal Behavioral Health, addiction treatment in Beachwood, Ohio, we will work with you to begin your new life in recovery.

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Addiction is the compulsive need to use a substance or participate in a behavior despite the negative consequences.

But despite the clinical definition, at Tal, we understand that you are more than your symptoms, and we will strive to help you see just how important you are and achieve your full potential.

You may have tried to quit before without success.You may have blamed yourself, thinking it was due to your lack of willpower.

But the inability to just “stop using” does not arise from a lack of will but from the damage that addiction has caused to your entire system.

The fact is that drugs and alcohol flood your system with dopamine (a feel-good hormone) and reinforce the need to keep using to repeat the pleasurable experience.

Do I Need Addiction Treatment In Cleveland, Ohio?

Although anyone can develop a substance use disorder, some factors can increase the likelihood of battling the condition. Early exposure to drugs or alcohol is one of these factors, as is genetics. In fact, people with a close relative with a substance use disorder are 60% more likely to experience it themselves.²

Your home environment can also play a role in developing a substance use disorder. People who have experienced violence or abuse or live with chronic stress are twice as likely to develop an addiction than those who have not.³

Addiction Treatment In Cleveland, Ohio

The most common signs of a substance use disorder are:

  • Mood swings
  • Lack of energy
  • Lying about use
  • Doctor shopping
  • Rapid weight fluctuations
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Inability to stop using the substance
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • Increased levels of depression and anxiety

Addiction changes the brain. Drugs and alcohol affect neurotransmitters, activating them in abnormal ways and making it more difficult for your brain to function normally without the substance.

Drugs and alcohol flood your system with dopamine, a feel-good hormone, and reinforce the need to keep using to repeat the pleasurable experience. Substance use also impacts your prefrontal cortex, which regulates your emotions, actions, and thoughts, making it more difficult to recover.

Options for Treating Addiction

Not everyone can afford to pay for inpatient programs or take time off from their responsibilities to spend 30 to 60 days at a facility. Outpatient programs offer the high level of care that residential treatment provides while letting you return home every night. They are best suited for people who:

  • Have a stable home environment
  • Cannot participate in an inpatient program
  • Do not have easy access to alcohol or drugs

Partial Hospitalization Program in Cleveland, Ohio

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are comparable to inpatient programs, offering medications for substance use disorders, individual and group therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, and more. They require many hours of daily treatment to help you keep building on your recovery, day by day, but without asking you to stay overnight.

It is thought that seeing things as they truly are — including your own addiction — is only possible by first accepting it. Once patients accept their reality, they are better prepared to make the necessary changes to improve their lives.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) Near Me in Ohio

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are the next level in addiction treatment in Beachwood, Ohio.

IOPs do not offer medication management but provide therapy sessions individually and in groups. You will participate in fewer treatment hours than in a PHP, but you have 12-step programs and community outreach services to help build your support system.

After all, recovering from an addiction is a team effort, and we can help you find the best people to be part of that team.

Aftercare Programs for Addiction

Aftercare programs can help you maintain sobriety after you complete treatment. These programs focus on relapse prevention strategies and ensuring you have support from 12-step programs, sponsors, and more. Tal Behavioral Health also offers alumni programs and other resources to help you stay connected, including help with finding employment in your community.

Behavioral Therapy

Getting to the cause of your addiction is crucial. It is the best way of helping you release yourself from the blame of your addiction while still holding yourself responsible for your recovery. Our addiction treatment in Beachwood, OH, offers various therapies, which may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. Each individual will work through therapies that are catered to their specific needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you address the negative self-talk and thought patterns that affect your actions. By learning to recognize these patterns, you can then make positive changes.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is another essential tool we use. It follows many of the principles of CBT but also encourages you to accept your emotions as valid while you strive to make positive changes.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Many people with substance use disorders are also victims of trauma. Trauma-focused therapy can help you uncover your trauma and deal with those experiences in healthier ways.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) encourages you to revisit traumatic memories while performing eye movements that engage your whole brain. Revisiting memories in this manner allows you to process them while removing the negative emotions connected to them.

Somatic Experiencing

We also offer an alternative therapy called somatic experiencing (SE). The idea behind SE is that your body can store trauma, causing intense physical symptoms that you might try to alleviate with drugs or alcohol. By teaching your body to release the trauma, SE can help you process it without substances.

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At Tal Behavioral Health, we honor our namesake: the Hebrew word “tal,” which means the morning dew. We believe that just as the dew makes everything fresh, sparkling, and new, you have an opportunity every morning to decide whether you will begin anew.

If you’re battling a substance use disorder, getting treatment can help you achieve sustainable sobriety. Get quality addiction treatment in Beachwood, OH, by contacting Tal Behavioral Health.

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